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Read Any Man


Changing Dating One Person At A Time…

Read Any Man was founded in the summer of 2011 in New York City, where we found dating for both men and women alike wasn’t quite what it seemed. The rules had changed, people were confused and the digital divide only created more trouble.

What we thought was a renassaince in time that would bring about the easiest dating period known to woman, it turns out new millenials and even older divorcees (or people who had never settled down altogether) were having trouble finding there way.

Where do you meet someone? How does it happen? What do you do? Who does what? And then, what do you do after that?

The questions were endless and we started holding local seminars to help our friends, colleges and ourselves. By bringing in guest experts to cover a wide ranger of topics from personal growth to style and etiquette, we’ve helped our members of the years find love and now we’ve taken it online to reach the world!

To make dating fun and easy – the way it should be.

It often only takes just a few simple steps to get someone on the right track and change their lives. There’s no reason for anyone to be stuck frustrated and alone!

And our mission has already impacted over 4,250 members of the “club” as we call is and brought in an avalanche of success stories that us people are hungry for more.

We have helped over 4,250 people better themselves since our start online in 2011. Here’s just a taste of what some of our friends, clients and even family have said...

"Very good course would recommend to others." - Cheryl Men Decoded Course

"This course literally paid for itself. I can’t imagine how I lived without it for so long. The insight that was given that was backed up with real statistics and scientific fact was great."  - Debbie from the Inner Circle Course

Men Decoded

Women and men communicate much differently and there are tons of books and serious research papers on the subject, but few are ever written with the intention of helping us date. Men Decoded is a course aimed at women who want to truly understand men, because once you do it can change your life, suddenly turned confusion and a storm of mixed signals in clear communication for us all!

Inner Circle

Inner Circle is our newest course and is designs for those left brained thinkers who learn faster from logic and real statistics. Often the biggest hurdle is not getting people advice – it’s proving to them that the advice will work and this book does just that!

Conversations With Experts

Conversations With Experts is a compilation of presentations and advice from 12 different experts – a project that started back in October of 2010 and had effected countless women. Sometimes that best advice doesn’t just come from one book or expert, it comes from many. This course allows us to introduce you to the teaches, experts and life-livers we respect the most.

We believe there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Every woman is different and therefore there are many different approaches and methods that can work for someone. Often times there is no one magic solution, real results come from the synergy of influence from multiple sources.

On that note, if you’re a passionate expert who feels your superpower or breakthrough knowledge can change lives, then we want to talk about collaborating as we continue to build and grow Read Any Man.

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